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Really Zimbabwe?

Shamim Kelly

Dear Nehanda

I am writing this letter to you because I am disgusted by your people. Right shits they are. This article right here is another brick in the wall of stupidity and ignorance we stay building in the Motherland and I am sick of it. How is it possible that a grown man writes such a bitter piece on a woman who literally lives the life of many of our girls? I know everyone has an opinion but yowe! and then to pass it off as a legitimate journalistic piece.. I have no qualification in that area but even I know that’s not how it’s done.

However, my main issue here is that I want you to set up and conference with Kaguvi, Chaminuka and them and see if you can get me a whole new Zimbabwe. I am not here for a people that will bash a young…

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As we move into the holiday season, I realize it is important to operate from a place of thankfulness. Yes our appetites have been fed with our favorite dishes from our family this past thursday but do we know what it is to be really thankful ?

Being thankful comes from within. It doesn’t wait on Birthdays, Christmas or Thanksgiving. It is cultivated on a daily basis. When you rise and are given the ability to open your eyes there in itself is all the reason to be thankful. To be given a chance to LOVE, to feel, to see, to take this world on by storm is an absolute blessing. To spend time with the people you care about, to go after your passion, to be able to grow are the things that I am most thankful for.

What we don’t seem to be thankful for are the detours…

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Chapter 6 :Mutual wounds


Fadzi’s pale face came to mind suddenly. Calming myself down but no less terrified, I put the sjambok under its rightful place. If I was going to get charged for anything in my life, it sure as hell wasn’t going to be over this rather beautiful but deranged woman!! Imagine my kids looking back and finding out their mum’s first charge had been over a man? Nah, Jacob had hurt me but I wasn’t about to let him take me down this way. At the door, momentarily, I hesitated. Should I continue? Should I be here, pondering over opening the door to a number of years in a green overall? If anything, sisi ava ndivo vauya kumba kwangu vachitsvaga kurohwa.(she came on her own looking to start a fight)
I snuck a glance at Ruvimbo. She hadn’t moved, just simply stoning there, smirking, wondering what my next decision would…

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The Month-end Township Prayer


I’ve never lived in any renowned township or any fully fledged township either. But I have visited one if not two well recognised townships of my beloved rainbow nation.

With my observing techniques, I can without a doubt tell you that month end is a big deal in townships, not only because the thieves are out in numbers or because a group of females paying a visit to the neighbour’s house across the road is a suspected secret stokvel meeting but the mood on the streets is on a level of a different kind.

There are very short mini-skirts here, beers passing from one hand to the next there and a neighbours kid knocking on a door asking for their mother’s long overdue ‘parcel’ over there.

The jukebox is playing all the songs with a heavy bass line, inducing dance moves from the little kids playing on the streets. The…

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